Last week we went to Santa Susanna, a small village just next to the beach in Barcelona. We stayed there for five days in a campsite called Bon Repós. During those days we did many activities and sports such as kayaking, paddle surf or even horse riding. We went 60 students and 3 teachers: Eva, Joserra and Patricia.

The bus left from the caravan parking in Huesca at almost nine in the morning. The journey lasted four hours, including a stop to rest and have a snack. 

We arrived at the camping at one thirty, met the monitors, left our luggage and suitcases and went to have lunch. Once we arrived and had lunch, we met the monitors and teachers in front of our bungalows. The bungalows were cozy, we had a little kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and two bedrooms with three beds each. Ours was located next to the beach. The teachers gave us three key cards to each group, the cards we would use to open the bungalows. 

Moreover, we entered the bungalows and left our suitcases there, and later we went outside again and made four groups.We started doing some funny activities to introduce ourselves to the monitors.

One of our favorite days was Wednesday, when we did water sports. In my case, our group first did paddle surf, but not usual paddle surf. We got on a big paddle surfboard (imagine how big it was so fifteen guys could stand on it). We took our oars and started rowing all together. It was really amusing trying to stand up and fall to the water.

Furthermore, we did kayak in pairs, next paddle surf (also in pairs) and finally we got on a pedal boat (seven on one of them, and eight on another one).

That morning we had soooo much fun in the water, and at twelve thirty we finished activities, came back to our bungalows, got a shower and got ready for lunch.

On Thursday afternoon, we went horse riding. Most of us had never ridden a horse, it was an amazing experience. Horses were calm and we had so much fun.

            In our free time we could go to the beach, to the swimming pool, we could sunbathe or we could just stay at the bungalows. And from seven to eight in the afternoon we had our mobile phones.

Everyday our favorite time was after having dinner. Everyone got ready for the night. Some of us went for a walk, went to the disco and others stayed at the bungalow. We all met new young people and had fun together. 

At half past eleven we all had to be in our bungalows, and at midnight we had to be in absolute silence. Midnight was the best part. We ate junk food, played cards, talked, sang and laughed. We had so so so much fun and went to sleep at two in the morning or even later.

Friday was our last day. I think we all panicked at least a little bit, because we had to tidy the whole bungalow, clean what we had messed up, pack our suitcases and come back home. After breakfast, we did our last activity with the monitors: We had to draw our hand in a paper and write our full name, then pass it to our friends there and everyone had to write something positive about each other. When we finished that activity, the monitors gave us some diplomas. We were all so sad, that even some of us started to cry. 

We had so much fun with the monitors, called Kellian, Alana, Sin Nai Nai and Warren, they were very funny and they were all so so so nice we didn’t wanna say good bye, it was very sad. Not only the monitors but also the teachers were nice and let us do whatever crazy things we wanted. 

I think we would love to repeat this experience. I think we will never forget this English Week:)

Matilde Arnal Castillo 2nd Brit